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    MISSION: Jumpable Magazine Shingle

    The Triple Roo Shingle features three (3) elastic magazine slots for 5.56 and similar size rifle mags. Slots can also hold most personal radios, as well as mini IFAKs on the market. Featuring bungee retention tabs and (optional) ESSTAC KYWI Integration. ESSTAC KYWI provide a substantial quality of life improvement. With KYWI's inserted,  magazines will have a positive lock into the Shingle and allow easier magazine indexing, something severely lacking in other brands on the market today.


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    1. Fits perfect and stays in place

      Just like the title says this shingle hits perfectly into my HSP micro and the extra velco helps it stay there. on 1st Feb 2022

    2. Great Product

      Excellent product. Mag retention and reinsertion is fantastic. Love it. on 15th Sep 2021

    3. It makes magazines fit in my chest rig.

      Bought this because it was the only thing in stock, but the quality is top notch. Locks in solid in my Haley Micro.

      My only gripe is the kydex inserts had way too much retention and needed to be broken in.
      on 27th Jul 2021

    4. An excellent replacement to the elastic shingles

      A big problem I found with the elastic insert for the Mk4, was reinsertion, Not only did it wear out the seams on the insert more it also would catch the top of the magazine sometimes on reinsertion. This Triple Roo Shingle allows for easy reinsertion and keeps everything nice and stable. on 12th Mar 2021

    5. Better than HSP MP2’s

      I now prefer these over the HSP MP2’s for my d3mcr. Better retention with the KYWI insert. on 4th Dec 2020

    6. Modern problems require modern solutions

      With the craziness of this year, it was impossible to get an insert for my chest rig. I was waiting for months and then I stumbled across the triple roo shingle.

      I took a chance and I'm glad I did. It is a direct drop in replacement for other inserts if you can't get one.

      I removed the elastic retaining tabs as the kydex inserts are more than enough to keep your mags in place.

      It is a little short for the HSP micro but I didn't have any issues with it riding a little high or bottomed out; both were easy to index mags.
      on 12th Nov 2020

    7. Perfect answers to the other guys failure to meet supply and demand

      After months of patiently waiting for “the other guys” to fulfill their customers demands on inserts for their micro rig, I came upon the awesomeness that is the triple roo shingle. Fits perfectly, and with the Kydex inserts, retention is great and retrieval of/ insert mags is nice and quiet. I’ll recommended this to anyone looking to finally carry mags in their micro rig, that are still waiting for “the other guys” to bless the masses with the products they never seem to restock. Buy it now before word gets out. on 4th Nov 2020

    8. Solution to the problem

      This insert is the best solution to the problem all of us have - magazine management. All the other Kydex style insert options out there for chest rig chassis are multi-piece and need special adapters. this is literally drop in and go. the Kydex offers just enough retention to hold onto mags while running, moving, and even getting into some unorthodox shooting positions where you may be slightly inverted, while not being too tight to impede easily removing mags for reloads. The Kydex keeps the mag pockets open so while doing tac mag reloads you arent fighting loose fabric open to retain partially full magazines. The additional tabs and provided elastic cord is an awesome addition to make the mag pouches "jumpable" on 8th Jun 2020

    9. Solid and Versatile

      Been searching the market for a while for an elastic triple mag pouch that doesn't just rely on the elastic to keep the mags secure. Finally settled on this one for my Spiritus MK4 with the KYWI inserts and I'm glad I did. The option to add elastic pull tabs is just what i looking for and the kydex inserts are an added bonus incase the pull tabs aren't your thing although I do wish there was an option for tan colored elastic but Im going to swap them with S&S pull tabs so no worries. The only complaint I have is that the inserts aren't deep/long enough to seat at the bottom of the spiritus rig (its hard to notice that based on the pictures) unless you move the inserts down to the bottom of the rig but that might make re-indexing mags harder. The elastic pouch is only 4 inches tall with a closed bottom while Spiritus uses 5 inch elastic with an open bottom so I may end up cutting off the bottom mag-stop strap so the mags can go down all the way and maybe try the tall sized KYWI inserts. Stitching is great and should last a long time. I would buy again on 15th May 2020

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