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Slim Tear Off Medical Pouch (S.T.O.M.P.) GEN 2

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    Mission: Rapid Deployment IFAK

    Now featuring our laser cut medical cross with reversible IR (covert) / Reflective (overt) card; no more lost medical patches. The S.T.O.M.P. is designed with the needs of modern operators who opt for smaller, lighter, and slimmer kits. Measuring only 7.5" x 5.5" x 2" in size, the S.T.O.M.P. will contain all your TCCC medical contents, and more with ease in its fully laser cut modular interior. Simply unclip the buckle and pull on the integrated pull-strap to deploy your kit.
    Designed to open up a full 180 degrees; this allows for rapid access to components inside while also serving as a field expedient work station. 
    The S.T.O.M.P. also features an under hanging tourniquet retention strap made from two 1.5" pieces of elastic which securely retains CAT, SOF-T, and other comparable tourniquets on the market.
    • Made in USA
    • Malice Clips (short) Included
    • 500 denier Cordura Construction
    • Laser Cut Medical Cross with Included Reversible IR / Overt Card
    • Modular laser cut interior. Full end user customization
    • Measurements: 7.5" x 5.5" x 2" 


    Medical Contents (if selected)

    1x Emergency Survival Blanket
    1x Burntec Dressing
    1x Flat fold surgical tape
    2x Large Nitrile Gloves (pair) 
    1x Hyfin Vent Chest Seals (pair)
    1x 28 Fr Nasopharyngeal Airway with Lube
    1x Z-Fold Combat Gauze 
    1x CAT Tourniquet 
    1x 4" Compression Bandage
    2x Compressed Gauze
    1x 14G Decompression Needle


    By purchasing this kit, the purchaser warrants and attests that they have the necessary training, certifications and/or  authorizations to properly use the contents contained therein. Purchaser assumes any and all liability for events arising from their use of the kit on themselves or others, and will not hold any person or business associated with Coyote Tactical Solutions LLC nor the company Coyote Tactical Solutions LLC, civilly or criminally liable. 


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    1. Worth the Wait

      I don't know if it was the 7 million new gun owners or the pandemic that threw a loop in to trying to find or purchase the S T O M P Gen 2 from Coyote Tactical Solutions, but I'm glad I stayed in touch with them and kept checking on availability through the 6 months it took to finally be able to purchase it. This med pouch is quality made through and through. Double heavy duty zippers, Room for the basic med pouch, fits nice on the Viking Tactics battle belt with the mollie straps or they also have a nice big Velco backing also. Great piece of equipment for those in need of a quality long lasting med kit pouch. on 28th Jan 2021

    2. Great IFAK

      I only got the pouch to attach to my belt but this is the best IFAK medical pouch. Beware of clones that are more expensive and of lesser quality. It,s great, customizable, and easy to attach both on the belt and storing your medical gear. Great quality material and stitching. Comes with a shock cord, shock cord clamps, and malice clips for different mounting options. Only wish it came with more strands of shock cord, but no biggie. Love Coyote Tactical Solutions and their company views, will definitely recommend and be purchasing more stuff. on 24th Jan 2021

    3. Best of its kind so far

      I’ve purchased many IFAK kits over the years and this one definitely works the best.

      I place my at the 6 o’clock on my belt. It does stick out enough that it’s not super comfortable sitting in a vehicle, but it’s not uncomfortable either.

      For my uses, what I like is the ability to tear off the pouch from the belt with either hand. I also like that the provided bungee cords keep all the contents from spilling out when you open the pack. That small feature makes a huge difference if/when you have to suddenly move a Pt midstream or to simply keep items from accidentally falling out and getting contaminated during normal use.

      FYI, if you opt for the medical insert, it packs out the pouch with a little bit of extra room. I added a medium chem stick and coagulant.
      on 21st Jan 2021

    4. Best complete IFAK on the market to date Jan 2021

      I have used, and put together many IFAK’S. Currently to date (Jan 2021), this is the number one complete IFAK I have seen or used. You may add certain things if you are more advanced in emergency medicine, but for a one stop kit, this should be the one you get.

      The med contents are the highest quality from North American Rescue.

      The bag itself is a genius tear away design so you have the bag at your hands for whatever situation arises. Stitching and fabric is high quality and seems to be superior than other designs and companies I have used.

      I would say whoever created this ifak has been or is currently an actual end user in the field.

      Came with ifak bag, med contents in dated and vacuum sealed, bungee organization, and two malice clips (can be attached multiple ways-not just with malice clips)

      You pay for what you get, and I’d advise anyone on the fence to get this!

      Incredibly fast shipping after my order. (No BS fake “in stock” situation like many companies do).

      Coyote Tactical has got my back and will have yours.
      on 15th Jan 2021

    5. Great kit

      Purchased the STOMP after weeks of research. The kit is incredible. All the supplies I need and none that I don't. Quality of the pouch is awesome. I've already ordered a BURRITO to go with it. Thanks Coyote Tactical for an outstanding product. on 14th Jan 2021

    6. Excellent retention

      The STOMP stomps on the competition with superior retention to the Reflex IFAK, BFG IFAK, and others that rely on just velcro alone. The build quality of my STOMP is the usual quality you expect from Coyote, only the best. The kit Coyote supplies is a fantastic IFAK if you want it. The size of this IFAK allows you to specialize your STOMP to be specifically for bleeding control, chest wounds, burns, or whatever your mission will require for bare but critical essentials on 6th Oct 2020

    7. Tank of an IFAK pouch

      This is the pouch I'll recommend to my friends. I bought it without the med gear and used my own from other pouches laying around, so it does take some tinkering to get how you want to set it up and make it fit, but it's the perfect size for belt carry and not be smacking your ass into everything. Huge plus is the ability to rip it off instead of having to take my belt off or reach around and fumble blindly at what I need. The zippers are built like a tank so you can stuff it to the brim and not worry about it ripping. Solid pouch definitely my go to now. on 6th Oct 2020

    8. Great product but know what you’re getting

      Awesome pouch love it in every way but the new generation comes with user configurable guts so have an idea where you want everything to go before hand and it makes the set up a lot easier on 24th Jul 2020

    9. Lots of storage and excellent craftsmanship!!

      This thing can fit a ton of stuff in here and the material is sturdy and all seams are lock stiched and cuts are all melted so no worries of fraying anytime soon. The interior panels make it easy to customize to your liking/loadout. I'm very happy with the purchase and it was worth the short wait. on 24th Jul 2020

    10. The genuine article

      This things packs tight like a brick and holds a deceptively large amount of supplies. The inside's elastic organizers are tough and there's no movement of contents. Stitching and materials are on-point, this is the belt IFAK to get. on 10th May 2020

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