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Slim Tear Off Medical Pouch (S.T.O.M.P.) GEN 2

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    Mission: Rapid Deployment IFAK

    Now featuring our laser cut medical cross with reversible IR (covert) / Reflective (overt) card; no more lost medical patches. The S.T.O.M.P. is designed with the needs of modern operators who opt for smaller, lighter, and slimmer kits. Measuring only 7.5" x 5.5" x 2" in size, the S.T.O.M.P. will contain all your TCCC medical contents, and more with ease in its fully laser cut modular interior. Simply unclip the buckle and pull on the integrated pull-strap to deploy your kit.
    Designed to open up a full 180 degrees; this allows for rapid access to components inside while also serving as a field expedient work station. 
    The S.T.O.M.P. also features an under hanging tourniquet retention strap made from two 1.5" pieces of elastic which securely retains CAT, SOF-T, and other comparable tourniquets on the market.
    • Made in USA
    • Malice Clips (short) Included
    • 500 denier Cordura Construction
    • Laser Cut Medical Cross with Included Reversible IR / Overt Card
    • Modular laser cut interior. Full end user customization
    • Measurements: 7.5" x 5.5" x 2" 


    Medical Contents (if selected)

    1x Emergency Survival Blanket
    1x Burntec Dressing
    1x Flat fold surgical tape
    2x Large Nitrile Gloves (pair) 
    1x Hyfin Vent Chest Seals (pair)
    1x 28 Fr Nasopharyngeal Airway with Lube
    1x Z-Fold Combat Gauze 
    1x CAT Tourniquet 
    1x 4" Compression Bandage
    2x Compressed Gauze
    1x 14G Decompression Needle


    By purchasing this kit, the purchaser warrants and attests that they have the necessary training, certifications and/or  authorizations to properly use the contents contained therein. Purchaser assumes any and all liability for events arising from their use of the kit on themselves or others, and will not hold any person or business associated with Coyote Tactical Solutions LLC nor the company Coyote Tactical Solutions LLC, civilly or criminally liable. 


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    1. The STOMP is the best small customizable IFAK on the market

      The design is the best to secure and remove with the buckle and tear off with hook and loop. It’s easy to reinstall and Is comfortable on my belt. When sitting it feels like a small back pillow.

      It was easy to use the supplied bungee cord and customize the load
      Total time 10 mins to complete and secure the supplies and add other items.

      In comparison It is a little larger than BFG micro but not by much.
      on 13th Dec 2021

    2. Best IFAK there is!

      I was looking for:
      1. slim.
      2. tear away.
      3. easy to set up.
      4. ambidextrous.
      5. belt-mounted.
      6. high quality.

      I was having a hard time choosing between STOMP and HSGI's ReFlex, and eventually, bought the STOMP, because it's slimmer, there is less material on the outer shell, STOMP opens up like a tray where everything is visible to me, it is easier to reattach it to the mount, it is significantly cheaper, and the GEN 2 also allows you to organize your gear however fits you with their bungee cord weave-through design.

      I should note: I carry Hyfin chest- seals, nasal airway, combat gauze, a CAT tourniquet, Israeli bandage, trauma shears also fit inside (although I prefer to carry them separately) some nitrile gloves and there is plenty of room left should you purchase the medical contents CT offers (I carry the basics for Trauma care).

      It is Made in the USA and of superb quality! I highly recommend it!!

      on 13th Nov 2021

    3. Best IFAK on the market

      My whole squad is running these, one of the guys got one and as soon as we all saw it that was it, we all had to have it. The retention system for the medical supplies is perfect, the fact that it's user configured means that it will fit whatever you need it to and there are sufficient materials provided to set it up. This pouch is in my opinion the perfect size for my application, which is a belt mounted pouch at my 6 o clock. My medic was thrilled when he saw this thing because it's the first pouch anyone has wanted to use that holds this much medical gear, usually guys want to skimp on it so they can carry less but this pouch makes it easy and comfortable. The only thing he had us do is tie a retention lanyard from the Velcro base to the pouch itself so that when casualties get moved their IFAK doesn't get separated from them accidentally, but that's an SOP driven thing and not everyone needs it or even wants it, and the people who do need it can just add some coiled elastic for like $1 so it's not a big deal at all. I would recommend this pouch to anyone looking for a medical kit for a belt setup, and I truly believe that this is the new gold standard for belt mounted IFAKs. on 8th Nov 2021

    4. Works as Intended

      Allows you to organize your IFAK any way you want. Pockets on the inside allow you to slide a chest seal in without taking up space. Love it. on 26th Oct 2021

    5. love it!

      This thing is nice. Durable. I put everything in there, no problem. You can tell it's quality! on 24th Sep 2021

    6. Exceeded my expectations

      It's a very well thought out design simply put. I like the ability to retain and access the contents in an organized fashion when it's opened, and still be able to carry the pouch once the contents have been used without having to stuff a pouch into your pocket or backpack because it doesn't fit securely back in it's carrier. on 17th Sep 2021

    7. It's fucking awesome.

      Very customizable and large but compact medical pouch. Easy to deploy, but durable and secure when in place. Only thing I can gig is some instructions on how to use the bungie webbing, but aside that a great med pouch at an affordable price. on 17th Sep 2021

    8. Exceeded Expectations

      - Coyote Tactical was AWESOME to work with, and very accommodating.
      - The STOMP is a bit smaller than anticipated, but in a good way.
      - The medical insert has all the things we need and packed very well.
      - The laser cut pouch is very nice, and I'm confident it will hold up to our abuse.
      on 11th Aug 2021

    9. Excellent medical pouch. Very adaptable

      By far the most well thought out medical pouch I’ve ever owned. Like this platform out or design it anyway you choose. It will hold the compact chest seal on either side pocket which I really like. Most are too small and you have to fold the chest seal. on 6th Aug 2021

    10. outstanding product!

      Laser cut MOLLE is top notch, made with tough materials works great on my belt. Holds the essential medical supplies needed for my edc needs. on 26th Jun 2021

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