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Quick Detach Adaptive Cummerbunds (set)

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    Mission: Low Drag Cummerbund Solutions

    *if Medium size cummerbund is selected in Advanced configuration, you will lose one mag sleeve slot per side*

    Featuring Quick Detach capability, modular front panels, and modular side cummerbund options. Our cummerbunds offer the maximum in support for your plate carrier while also being compatible with all carriers on the market that have a velcro front and rear. 

    We offer (2) two cummerbund solutions for the end user:

    The Advanced Cummerbund was designed around the need for comfort and extra load carriage. Adjustable to any torso size, the cummerbund enables the user to cinch down to a comfortable fit, which facilitates breathing during heavy stresses. Alpha cummerbund side comes with four (4) large sleeves able to hold rifle magazines, radios, medical blowouts, tourniquets and much more. Retention is solid, requiring a firm authoritative pull to release your selected item. With the addition of our bungee retention system, you now have a jumpable platform that will secure all your contents. Alpha Cummerbund also features interior mounting for upcoming soft/hard armor side armor solutions.

    The Slick Cummerbund was designed around maximum concealability. This serves as a great low profile concealed system for operators overseas wanting to maintain a low signature, Law Enforcement running undercover operations, or civilians not requiring the bulk of added gear to your sides. 


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    1. very impressed

      So glad I replaced my old clunky Velcro cummberband for this quick detach low profile option.

      Fit is great and makes donning and doffing easy.

      I got the ranger green that came with black buckles that I switched out for coyote brown. It s was a lengthy and hard process, so hopefully buckle color becomes an option for buyers down the road
      on 15th Sep 2021

    2. Just do it!

      The QUICK DETACH ADAPTIVE CUMMERBUNDS are the way to go! I'm not sure why I waited so long to get these. So much easier than the Velcro and from what I understand easier than cobra buckles (because I never never had them except on belts). Quality abounds in this product. I slapped these on a Ferro Concepts Slickster and they worked without a hitch. You will not regret this purchase. I am fully satisfied with every product I've purchased from Coyote Tactical Solutions. Great company! on 27th Aug 2021

    3. Great addition to PC

      Bought this to replace the cumberbund on my HRT HRAC carrier. Install took 2 minutes and now provides more flexibility of movement and additional pouches for mags, radios, etc. Extremely easy to put on and take off with the QD tubes. on 10th Mar 2021


      Another phenomenal product by the kit wizzes at Coyote Tactical Solutions.

      If you find yourself in a line of work, where you’re constantly having to don and doff a PC, many times on very short notice and in low light....then this is the product for you. I switched to this product from a standard elastic/Velcro cummerbund and haven’t looked back. It has all the benefits of a Velcro cummerbund, but without the bulk and lack of on the fly tension adjustment that comes with standard MOLLE/fixed cummerbunds. The extra storage from the pockets with the ability to attach retention bungees to it and the single row of external MOLLE, really takes this cummerbund to the next level.
      on 3rd Feb 2021

    5. Cummerbund

      After receiving my cummerbunds all I can say is this product is just as advertised! The sizing is perfect and the quality is great! Would definitely recommend to anyone wanting to purchase cummerbunds. 5 out 5 stars!!!!! on 29th Aug 2020

    6. Best cummerbund quality

      Own many other cummerbunds and by far the quick adaptive cummerbunds are my favorite I had to switch all 3 plate carriers to with them. Quality and looks great to detailed. on 30th Jun 2020

    7. Solid

      Solid all around, definitely makes it way easier to retain exact fitment of the entire rig and keeping everything in place without the constant need for adjustment. on 28th Jun 2020

    8. Outstanding

      Great cummerbund & fits perfectly. It is also a great value compared to other competitors. It won’t be my last cummerbund. I need two more. on 26th Jun 2020

    9. Best plate carrier upgrade out there.

      This cummerbund has been, by far, the single best upgrade I have made to my plate carrier. Going from a large velcro molle cummerbund, the difference is night and day. The benefits of this cummerbund are endless. Now I can don and doff my carrier instantly, and on top of that I get a perfect fit every single time, with the elastic adapting to my movement and to the clothes I am wearing. I can't understate how much more comfortable this cummerbund is - not only do you get the comfort of elastic, it is so much more breathable and cool. The fact that I have 3 mag pouches on both sides at all times is infinitely useful, especially since the pouches can be used for far more than just magazines, such as radios and medical gear. The integrated pouches almost entirely eliminate the need for additional pouches that would protrude and restrict mobility. What's also incredible about this cummerbund is the price! One company (that shall not be named) is offering a simple QD that attaches to the molle of your existing cummerbund, and it costs at least $20 more than the entire cummerbund (with pouches) that Coyote is offering! If you're looking for a great way to add QD to your plate carrier, look no further, this is THE cummerbund! on 15th Feb 2020

    10. Best purchase for gear I've made

      Absolutely a must for lightweight/ low profile Plate Carrier setups. on 14th Dec 2019

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  • Other Details

    Yes: (3) mission slots for magazines, radios, etc
    Yes: Adjustable retention
    No: Modular sleeves