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  • Coyote Skull
    Coyote Skull $5.00 Add To Cart
    Mission: Mission, what Mission? No reasons are needed to rock this coyote skull. Do it, you know you want to...
  • Camo D-Slap
    Camo D-Slap $5.00 Add To Cart
    Mission: Mission, what Mission? Slap the D anywhere and everywhere. On your car, on your pelican, in the office, or in the porta potty. It may only be 3" x 2" tall, but its how you use it that counts...
  • Alpha Medical Patch
    Alpha Medical Patch $4.99 Add To Cart
    Mission: Medical Identifier Identify your medical aid bag with this swag PVC patch, featuring our Alpha Pack Leader front and center. Trauma can happen to yourself, an ally, or a target. Medical patches are a must have for...
  • Tactical Chicken Wing - PVC
    Tactical Chicken Wing - PVC $8.50 Add To Cart
    Do you or someone you know suffer from Tactical Chicken Wing Syndrome (TCWS)? If so, there is help! The first step is admitting you have a problem. The second step is getting help; from this epic patch of course! Apply this...