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    Mission: Low Profile Dump/SSE Pouch

    Our Dump/SSE Pouch is intended to be the lowest profile dump/SSE pouch on the market. With a small footprint of 3"x4"x1" it offers a no snag, low profile solution that takes up only two (2) columns of PALS webbing and does not spill over into surrounding spaces like other pouches on the market. Pouch has a rigid lip that maintains pouch open for easy insertion of magazines, or other gathered intel. Retention flap can be tucked inside to maintain a full open mouth, or attached to the outisde velcro to secure the open mouth and retain contents inside. 


    *currently ships with one wrap velcro mounting

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    1. dump pouch

      I ordered this dump pouch thinking that it would take forever to arrive and would be of okay quality. I was wrong. Coyote tactical had this thing on my doorstep in a few days. The quality of the product is great. It is very durable, but also not too thick and heavy. Great design. Drew Hopkins from T Rex Arms helped me pull the trigger on this product. on 7th Apr 2022

    2. It's PERFECT!

      I've been searching high and low for years for the right dump pouch. And this is it! It's super compact, but still made out of durable material, big enough for 4-5 30rd mags, etc but not so huge that it's flopping all over the place. Super compact storage. Just perfect. This is the second product I've bought from Coyote Tactical that I'm very happy with. These guys are officially on my radar for the first place I'll go to when looking for new or replacement gear. on 23rd Feb 2022

    3. perfect!

      Size of the pouch is perfect, quality is top of the line, and the form factor is super compact when folded. Exactly what I was looking for. on 9th Sep 2021

    4. Great compact option!

      If your looking to save real estate on your belt this is a great option. It folds up with the leg strap attached to about the size of an IPhone. I have mine attached to a Ronin Senshi belt and the malice clips are a pain to deal with like always but once looped the right way it’s secure. The size of the actual pouch fits about 4 PMags comfortably. There is room for more if arranged right. The only gripe I had was that the leg strap at it longest length it still too small especially for guys or girls who don’t skip legs. This was easily fixed with replacing the belt portion with some shock cord. This is optional purchase so it’s something think about. Overall, it’s what I was looking for a minimalist dump pouch. on 24th Jul 2021

    5. high quality dump pouch

      Purchased the dump pouch, as I primarily wanted the burrito med kit but also needed a dump pouch. The pouch takes two horizontal slots of molle to mount and comes with malice clips. When using a two row molle belt (I use the ferro concepts bison) there is some movement of the pouch. I would like to see the pouch designed like the burrito, which the pouch can be directly belt mounted for a secure hold. The size is big but not to big, adequate for dropping expended magazines. on 22nd Jul 2021

    6. perfect size for a gun belt.

      Most dump pouches on the market are super bulky and occupy a lot of space on your kit but this one only takes up 2 molle loops but expands out far enough to accommodate your mags, Nalgene bottle, spent rounds, etc. All in all a great product like the rest of their gear. on 8th Jun 2021

    7. Almost Perfect

      So I rated this pouch at 5 stars, and said almost perfect for a reason even though it seems like an oxymoron... first the pouch is 100% what I expected, is excellent, and as such deserves a five star rating. The “almost” part comes as more of a personal preference. I’d prefer the pouch opening not be completely open, but like I said personal preference. I’m gonna have a collapsible flap Installed on mine, and I think it might be a nice option. As for the size...The size is right for me. It’s not huge, maybe something like s/m size? The leg strap is golden though if you have to move quickly. on 31st Mar 2021

    8. Perfect dump pouch!

      Own two and this is my favorite dump pouch. Compact and low profile when closed, right amount of room when in use. If you are in the market, this is the one to buy! on 27th Mar 2021

    9. Simply Amazing

      I'm going to put it out there. I hate dump pouches.

      So for my first line I wanted something compact and fold-able.
      But sturdy enough so it wouldn't be all saggy when running around.

      I have tried models from other manufacturers and was never satisfied.
      Too big. Too small. Annoying to fold. Too saggy....etc.

      But this one right here's a keeper.

      It's light. It's compact. Its' sturdy. The reinforced "lip" keeps it easy to access even when there's weight in it. So it doesn't collapse on itself.

      It's definitely staying on my belt.

      Plus it only took 10 days to be shipped to my door in Canada.

      Awesome service. Amazing product and SUPER fast shipping.

      My only regret is not having tossed a STOMP IFAK in my cart at the same time.

      You guys will definitely get my money again.
      on 18th Feb 2021

    10. Solid Dump Pouch

      Perfect dump pouch. Folds up to fit neatly on my belt, and very well built. on 11th Feb 2021

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