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    The BURRITO was designed to be the most ergonomic, ultralight, and versatile mini medical pouch on the market. The BURRITO features laser cut slots on the rear which allow the end user to mount their pouch either vertically or horizontally to your EDC, Duty, or Riggers belt; or directly to MOLLE compatible systems. Unlike other mini medical kits on the market, we do not use elastic to retain your contents. Feedback from MIL and LE members who have had their contents fall out on duty aided in our full velcro flap design for maximum security while maintaining ease of access in any position. 

    Where space is limited, the BURRITO excels. We kept our Military and Law Enforcement Officers in mind, and kept the height of the pouch to a standard AR15 magazine, with only 3/4 of its length. 

    Medical Contents if selected include:

    1x CAT Gen7

    1x L Nitrile Gloves

    1x Flat fold surgical tape

    1x Hyfin Vent pair

    1x 28F NPA

    1x 4" pressure dressing

    1x Combat Gauze

    1x Hypothermia blanket

    1x 14G Decompression Needle



    • Laser cut SQUADRON construction
    • Velcro + Laser cut molle front attachment
    • Color Matched velcro
    • Ultralight construction
    • Omni Directional mounting attachment
    • Bottom mounted integrated tourniquet sleeve


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    1. top notch product.

      I was turned on to coyote tactical after purchasing the t-Rex Orion belt (made by coyote tactical). The burrito med kit is simple yet well thought out. The quality is absolutely the best I’ve ever seen, and I own spiritus, crye, and many of the other top brands but this cannot be beat. on 9th Sep 2021

    2. Best thought out design since LBT

      This is one of a few belt mounted IFAKs that actually takes an approach to ergonomics, placement and use of the both the kit and medical insert. LBT changed the game with their belt mounted IFAK and the coyote burrito takes that design language and puts it into the next decade. Works well for vehicle mounted operations given the relative slim design of the pouch. The IR and visible reflective insert for the medical cross identifier is a very nice touch as well on 8th Sep 2021

    3. Coyote don't play!

      One of the best burritos I've ever had. Quality shows and the size is perfect for the belt. A must-have for anyone wanting to add an IFAK to their kit. on 3rd Sep 2021

    4. Basic design, bounty of function!

      I have a burrito on all my belts! I own larger IFAKs that hold more but the burrito has the three things that I require for an IFAK to be on my belt. One is size, perfect size for my hole plug kit and it doesn't restrict me from doing anything. Two is it hold shit in place, I've seen retention sleeve IFAKs get punched out of its pouch and losing shit is not an option. Three is that its accessible, one handed i can get my shit out of this IFAk, I don't have to take my belt off or use one hand to hold and one hand to pull, I can can rip and there it is in its waterproof bag. Nothing complicated or flashy about it, just pick a color and put it on your fuckin belt cause one day it will be used. on 25th Aug 2021

    5. a great product for the range and for the outdoors

      This is a product that I would recommend foe anyone who understands what lifesaving gear is , for range, work and outdoor activities I believe it’s essential to carry on 18th Aug 2021

    6. compact

      Very well made. Solid piece of kit. Able to pack just the right amount of medical supplies in it. Would buy again! on 17th Aug 2021

    7. We Love It!

      Got these for everyone in the unit to try out for personal IFAK's. We are very impressed so far, and not one person has complained so far (which is very rare, trust me). The Burrito is a perfect size that doesn't interfere with your kit or weapon. A previous review said they feel the contents might fall out because it doesn't seem very well enclosed, but I highly disagree. None of us feel that anything will fall out under normal use - and we're pretty rough on our gear. Highly recommend the pouch, and definitely recommend the medical insert! Everything fits perfectly. Huge thanks to Coyote Tactical Solutions for making this happen! on 11th Aug 2021

    8. great product

      Just built a new belt set up, trying all new gear and this med kit fit it perfectly. So far great quality and designed well. on 6th Aug 2021

    9. Awesome

      Great product would definitely recommend on 22nd Jul 2021

    10. perfect size, high quality, the solution to multiple gear issues

      Wow.ive trained with the pouch a few times now. When I first started tactical training I was equipped with a bulky, floppy med kit mounted at 6 o clock on my duty belt. It was uncomfortable while in motion and even worse when getting in and our of vehicles. I then went to an abdominal pouch which helped and was fine. After upgrading all my gear and moving towards a minimalist plate carrier setup, I wanted to go back to keeping more first line gear on my belt. After scouring the web I came across the Burrito. The integral belt loops mean a secure fit on a duty belt with maximum velcro engagement on a two piece system. It doesn't move or flop around while in motion. The loop to open is easy to find even with a gloved finger and rip open. The kit included has everything to patch a hole packed into a small footprint. When doing vehicle work or driving, the pouch causes no problems with posture or pain. If I fell on the small of my back I have no concern about this pouch causing injury.
      I'm thoroughly impressed.
      Side note: the shipping of my order was delayed due to an issue with the medical inserts missing a component and needing to get the correction made from thier medical supplier. I wish I had been notified about this when or before my order was placed. I do appreciate the fact they didn't ship the order without the missing component but it took multiple attempts to get a response about the shipping ETA.
      on 22nd Jul 2021

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